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Calm and relaxing songs. Ambient Tracks which aim to create a relaxing atmosphere. Slow-moving, abstract, chillout. Perfect for any project needing an atmospheric background.


"Stardust" is a beautiful, calm and relaxing song. Featuring piano, breathing synths and fx. It is perfect for science documentaries (i.e. about galaxies, stars, planets and the universe) and any project needing an atmospheric background.

Zip file contains 2 Versions (both High Quality Wave & Mp3 Files):

  • Stardust : 2:53
  • Stardust [without Piano] : 2:53

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Dust Planet

"Dust Planet" is a perfect tune for strange and mysterious videos, movies or trailers.
It fits perfect for spooky adventures like exploring dangerous planets, hiking through deserts and death valleys, feeling uncomfortable. With its ticking clock you'll feel an evolving scary tension, which finally gets resolved by ambient pads harmonies. This unique track is a good choice for projects, that need a subtile horror, tension and atmospheric background music with a dark, uncommon atmosphere.

Zip file contains High Quality Wave & Mp3 File:

  • Dust Planet: 4:50

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